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With over 30 years of experience as CIO and CDO, Jos Creese, CEO of Creese Consulting Ltd (CCL)has successfully built business-focussed IT teams delivering a range of successful shared services and award winning technology solutions.

CCL now provides expert advice to public and private sectors on digital transformation, IT strategy, governance and risk modelling as well as helping to improve engagement between the clients and suppliers.

CCL also provides personal mentoring and coaching services to aspiring executive leaders.

For the public sector, assignments typically include, for example:

  • Design and implementation of digital operating models and programmes.
  • Surveys and research work, including consultation on business change programmes.
  • Shared service modelling and support, including assessing business models, risks and options.
  • Service reviews for digital readiness and digital maturity assessments.
  • Conducting IT strategic reviews, workshops and assessment of IT strategies and performance.
  • Advice on how to build successful shared services, based on practical experience and understanding of political, financial and IT barriers.
  • CIO and CDO recruitment advice, job design advice, coaching, and IT governance models.
  • Contract negotiation and renegotiation.
  • Building IT capacity and capability for the future.
  • Trouble-shooting on problem projects and advice on IT and digital risks and programme implementation.
  • Information management policy and strategy, and process reviews.


For the private sector, assignments typically include, for example:

  • Product positioning, advice and marketing campaigns.
  • Market research, surveys and analysis.
  • Client engagement, networking and support for partnerships.
  • Running workshops and facilitating events for teams and with clients.
  • Thought leadership and strategic advice on the future of local public services.
  • Design and development of project pilots.
  • Marketing advice for the public sector.
  • Advice on the challenges facing the public sector in targeting services better.
  • Bid preparation, due diligence work, tender response review.
  • Design of contracts fit for purpose – G-Cloud, T’s and C’s, risk and commercial models.


CCL’s ethos is to help organisations to do things for themselves – therefore the transfer of skills and advice on building capacity and skills is central to all work. As a result, work tends to be in short, sharp bursts, rather than long-term assignments, delivering maximum value quickly.

CCL also works with other agencies, businesses and advisors to support the broad delivery of digital programmes and assignments when required and has industry-wide connections.

Set up in 2015, CCL has a growing list of clients across public and private sectors and references can be provided on request.